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Originally Posted by Onerios View Post
Hello, doubt most of you would remember me, but went under the names of onerios and Carlos Portrena (conj and warlock) a number of years ago. Played on horus, was part of alsian legion (through a number of there name changes). Just curious to see if any of you are still around, and your ideas on the current state of the game. Have to say I missed the guild, and would love to rejoin you if your still arround in some form.
The clan is gone, but the players are still around. Horus split into two servers for a few years, and Alsirian Legion was disbanded shortly before that. But the servers merged back together less than a month ago, so some players that you know have "returned" to the game recently from the merger.

However the game has lost a massive amount of old players due to "Warmasters update" and most of the players that you encounter will be entirely new.

P.S. There is a free name change scroll in every character stash as a result of the merger. You may chose any name you like for your characters (within the rules).

Originally Posted by Onerios View Post
Also, did they do something about that backbreaking xp curve? Gave up on the grinding at lvl48, so never got my graduation party.
Well, its much easier to get to level 50 now. The experience required for 50 was reduced from 6 mil to 3.3mil, or about 55% of before.

But you now need 11 mil XP to reach the maximum level... sorry.
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