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Originally Posted by Faith_Healer View Post

Since before 2010 Faith has been helping support the realm of Alsius without any other characters or accounts or multi-realming.
A total of 70 USD has been used to purchase boosters and other xim items.
At this time Faith is the only active conjurer from before Warmaster and the first conjurer to invent the method of single fighter (barbarian) support where as the conjurer sets up powers to directly max buff, protect and replenish the targeted ally of choice (the strongest).
This method has been used by many others in the past years and that makes Faith a very happy peer.
While most players avoid inner realm Faith since the very beginning has sought out lower level players struggling the grind to aid them with all her powers.
In 2012 she founded the clan known as Anonymous.
At this time Faith still actively supports the realm of Alsius and it's players.
"It's great to be a part of the game everyone!" - Faith

If you have a donation to make contact her, she could always use more casting speed.
I laughed.
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