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Originally Posted by Moroccanfluffy View Post
hello everyone, lately i have been trying lots of mmorpgs. and i dunno how but i found this game ! a native linux wich means no wine problems, besides the gameplay is just amazing its all abt teamplay and let me say that ro has got THE BEST COMMUNITY EVER ! i mean i just got in and people started giving me money,items,help,xp,clan...and u dont find this in every mmorpg. i know the game is buggy and new but all it needs is adverticement and encouragement to reach the top ten. btw am a barb lvl 15 on horus syrtis(other factions themes are boring snow and desert :@) see you in game !
Welcome to RO and welcome to Syrtis. If you need any help and I happen to be online feel free to PM me. I am usually on Awrath or Tarwah, occasionally my marksman Rathaw when I am too lazy to think.
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