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Post Fresh blood coming to game

Eeee babes!!

Obviously I'm new duhh

I bought Guild Wars 2 - regret it!
I bought Black Desert - regret it!
I spent money on Rift - regret it!
I spent money on Archeage - regret it!

I come here, spend 30mins in a fkn 10 years old FREE GAME and I feel the need to spend some money in it!
Check my credit card balance (I keep my cash in wallet ) and there was just enough to buy 4k Ximbois!
Trust me, I'll buy more.

That's all I can say about my impressions of game so far. I think that speaks enough for itself.

As for me... just ordinary gamer guy that likes to play older mmos and doesn't find challenge in modern mmo industry full of fashion and porn designs.

Good to know you, ! Take a deep /bow

EDIT: oops... I should have posted this in "welcome" section. My bad!
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