Downloading the game installer or updates is too slow

Downloading the game installer

We recommend using a Download Manager to download the game installer. Examples of these kind of applications are:
- Flash Get
- GetRight.

You may also use a Bit-Torrent client which has built-in resume and error correction.
Please refer to the Downloads section to get the latest Torrent file.

Downloading game updates

Regnum Online game engine has a built-in system to automatically download updates to your hard-drive. This updates are obtained in the form of Resources, which are nothing more than graphics, scripts, sounds, animations, 3d models and other kind of assets that the game uses.

The download rate may vary due to a range of factors. You Internet Service Provider may be experiencing some problems, or ours. Or if you are far away from the server, the amount of hops the information must travel may be delayed.
The only case where you can avoid this is if you are using all of your connection's downstream/upstream.

To make sure you enjoy the game at its fullest, please close any applications that could be using your connection bandwidth, such as Sharing programs, sending and receiving large emails, etc.


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