I got disconnected while playing

There might be ocassions where you get disconnected from the server while playing. This is easily identifiable because a "Server disconnection" window appears, giving you the option to exit the game.
If the frequency of the disconnections is high and variable, this might be due to a faulty network infrastructure. In this case, you should contact your network administrator or Internet Service Provider support to verify your connection.

If you always get disconnected after around two minutes of playing, this could probably be because of a "Firewall" application or appliance blocking certain connections. If this is the case, make sure the following ports are enabled on your Firewall (refer to your application or appliance manual for information on how to do this):

- Protocol TCP: 48000, 48001, 47300, 80
- Protocol UDP: 9960

Please bear in mind that you will also get a disconnection if the server was taken down due to a scheduled maintenance or due to unexpected crashes.


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