My network latency (Lag) is high

The latency of the connection between the client or the server, or "Network Lag" is usually caused by excessive use of your internet connection. The most common sources of this are file sharing programs or other traffic hungry application running at the same time. Sometimes this is also produced by congestion on the Internet Service Provider's part, in this case there is nothing you can't do about it except contacting the ISP's tech support for further information.
You can reduce the lag to a bare minimum by closing this programs.

It's important to note that the minimum lag you will have varies greatly depending on how close you are to the server. As a rule of thumb, the closer you are, the better.
Exactly how much is too much lag is hard to say, but here it's a small list that serves as reference:

- 100-400: If you are in this range, the game will respond smoothly to your actions.

- 400-800: Medium lag, the game is still playable but you could get occassional movement corrections from the server.

- 800 and more: High lag, the response takes a while longer to reach your computer.

To view how much latency you have in-game, press <Alt-P> and a small window will appear.


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