Welcome to the Regnum Online support section. Here you will find answers to our most common support questions. For questions regarding how to use the game interface and performing in-game actions, please refer to our online game guide.

Please, check the following areas and click on the particular problem to get a quick solution.

Account problems Connection problems
- I could not activate my account
- I forgot my password
- I've changed my email
- I cannot login into the game
- I got disconnected while playing
- Downloading updates is slow
- Network latency (LAG) is high
Hardware problems Game problems
- Supported video cards
- My sound is not working
- My hardware meets the minimum requirements but I still can't play
- My framerate is too low
- The game has crashed or stopped working
- My character is stuck

If the problem didn't fall on the aforementioned categories, you may contact us in the following ways:

- Regnum Online Official Support System
- Community Support Forum


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