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@Puppypaws: the answer is simple. While players are still using the old client, it is not feasible to utilise the features and improvements in the new client on the live servers. As it is getting to the point where the number of optimisations to the new client without changing over to some of these are nearing zero, it becomes imperative for either (A) All users to switch to the new tech, or (B) restricting the new client to Amun only and dumping a whole bunch of changes on the luckless fools who never play on Amun all at once.

As the vast majority of players will see a performance improvement with the new client and that group overlaps significantly with those that test on Amun (I couldn't be arsed drawing a Venn diagram but I want you to imagine a circle with a slightly bigger circle almost completely covering it here), it makes more sense to push the new client now that it's in a more or less stable state. Improvements can be made with more players using it.

I'd also like to point out that, in mitigation to the issues with Intel chipsets on Linux, is that the Mesa3D driver stack (let's ignore the horror that is the Poulsbo chips here) is currently entering the tricky part of a transitional stage. Everyone developing drivers is trying to get into the new Gallium model, for which new developments like DRI2 (required for OpenGL 2.0+ and therefore things like GLSL) are being targetted, and what code seems to work is being hacked into the current model drivers retrograde, so peformance issues in open drivers (like Intel) at the moment are most likely not something NGD can do anything about. Until the open source driver stack gets to the less experimental and more working stage of the new architecture, I'd recommend sticky with the Fixed pipeline renderer and turning details down until you get reasonable performance. The really good thing about the new engine is that the FPS changes when lots of people are on screen are much less dramatic now, so it should really be a help to most people.
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