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Red face Rock, Paper, Scissors: Picture Edition

This is a game to test your knowledge and image finding skills.

The Rules:

1.) Like normal Rock, Paper, Scissors is to beat something with something that is superior, but by posting a picture of the post above.
2.) Try and think of a logical reason to beat the picture above, if your reason is vague or esoteric then please explain it.
3.) Remember that nothing is unbeatable.
4.) In the case of re-using an image, try to find a new one and turn it a different way.
5.) Don't spam, just play the game and keep it going reasonably.

As an example I will start with a couple:

(Banned because some countries banned the game)

Remember to keep it sort of serious
The next poster doesn't need to follow my last picture if they want to, it was only an example.

P.S: If NGD see's this could they move it to Images? Thanks

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