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The list is long, and prolly this won't happen:

  • pre 1.0.8 combat mode (yeah you've well heard, and i'm a mage...)
  • removal of all special, magic, epical stuff, of all bosses and dragons, of gems and magnas.
  • paper doors like it used to be
  • old mob distribution aka no 37+ mobs in WZ, no more skills on mobs because warriors are the first victims of them, they're slow enough to level already.
  • Limit protection bonus to +70%, see "Marks" for further infos
  • Locks: terror range 25 low damage but still knock, fireball back to 100% damage in area. Terror like it is atm makes wars boring
  • Warriors: Caution back old %age and South cross to what it used to be with 20s CD, barb without 1-hit ko isn't a barb.
  • Marks: old DS back (seriously the name is a joke nowadays), old strategic position (at least we can deal with protection...)
  • you've read up to here, congrats
  • Conj: revert EVERYTHING that has been done, commu, DI, heals etc.
  • No horse in the @!%$ WZ !
  • Taxi Onslaught ya !
  • Remove dance action, enemy t-bagging is saner
More seriously now :

  • Bring back the venomox quest in official servers (named "Forbidden substances" afaik).
  • Girly warlock tunics, like emm, barbie pink...
  • When Ignis holds the 9 forts and castles, then the ignismovil should spawn instead of the dragon squeleton in Ignis WZ
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