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Originally Posted by Hamster_of_sorrow View Post
it seems like syrtis has 30+ whereever they go. samal? 30+. shaan? 40+. herb? dont even ask.
Not always right away

If you see 30+ Syrtis moving then you can be pretty sure they just came from Vesper or some other fort, often when trying to gather a group for war once you wittle out the afkers the grinders and the dancers you only have a relitivly adverage group 10-15 on a good day. But as I said if we take the fort and the other realm fails to take it back very quickly then soon you see your freinds list lighting up and the zerg on the doorstep... leading to the very common 'where the hell were all you 5mins ago?' question, which although never answered is almost certainly 'afking/grinding/dancing/being lazy and waiting for someone else to do the hard work so we can come farm'
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