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After this update, I noticed a problem going on with my tunic's dye. Previous to the update is was painted in pink, but after this update it showed up as red. I asked to some ppl around me and they all replied it was red, so I assume it's not a resource downloading issue.

I've also asked other mages if their tunics had lost their dye like mine did, but theirs was fine, and kept the premium dye they had applied.

Plz note that the gloves kept its previous color, which left me to believe the problem rests only in the tunic. I couldnt even have possibly bought a Fabric Bleach because I've been hanging around with less than 100 xim for a long time ago, and in fact I didnt buy the Bleach.

The tunic is a Lord Necromancer tunic of fine fabric lvl 50.

Thank you for your time.

Edit.: Err, sorry about the big pictures, I just realised it now :/
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