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Originally Posted by niclam View Post
Hello everyone,

It's not even new year's eve here in Argentina but im sending this anyway (several countries are already on 2010 so...).

Another year went by, many, many changes have been introduced into the game. Some were well received, some not that well but the game continues to be alive and kicking.
We reached several important milestones, including record users in Ra (1200+ connected users), new quests, monsters, balance changes, a new client engine and several other updates that I'm forgetting right now.
After this rollercoaster ride that has been Regnum, for over two years now (live) and over 7 years for its development, I'm proud to say that the game is more alive than ever!

2010 roadmap initial draft is already defined, we will promptly and surely disclose what our plans are soon enough (although this time, and having learned our lesson, it will be gradual and probably more down to earth, compared to 2009's roadmap).

On behalf of the Regnum Online team and NGD Studios, we wish you all a happy new years eve!
A toast to you, our community, the living organism that makes Regnum a fun place to be.

Best regards,
Regnum Online team
Happy new year!!!
4 good years behind us!!! Im looking forward to many more!!!
I LOVE YOU MAN!!!! <manly hug>
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