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Default Amun open!

Changelog - Version 1.26a1


- Modified: Necrostacy is not raised in Squid Island.
- Modified: Access to Squid Island is from levels 5 to 60 now.
- Modified: Entering Squid Island applies a spell that balances attributes to a similar value for everyone.
- Modified: Equipment can't be modified inside Squid Island.
- Added: Three capturable towers in Squid Island. When the three are captured, the zone is marked as "dominated" for a period of time, in which towers can't be captured.
- Fixed: Mind Squasher was not cancelling spells as intended.
- Modified: Message of entering a zone which has the same name as the last one was being repeated.

In progress:
- Adding a time limit you can spend in Squid Island: high concentrations of Xymerald affect you. After some time, you will get damage from staying in the island. Leaving for some time will reset that time.
- Modification of existing quests that lead you to the Squid Island and some new ones as well.
- Adding other points of access to Squid Island (I.E: cities near the wall)
- Adding new quests throughout levels 5 and 50 that have objectives in Squid Island.
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