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Originally Posted by Pizdzius View Post
aw old topic dug up! why chauvinistic? it looks cool D: what plane is it?
It could be considered chauvinistic because it is painted in orange -- the Dutch national colour, the colour of the Dutch royal family and the same colour is the one the Irish protestants use in their marches to show their gratitude to the king for winning some battles over there (Don't hate us, Irish Republicans! The family wasn't providing the monarch for the Netherlands at that time, just the stadtholder. ) -- and shows the Dutch lion, which is the centre piece of our coats of arms and is often used as an allegory for the Netherlands. (The strong people of the Netherlands have got the power and the determination of a lion! Yeah, right...). The design used on the plane is the same as the one used in logos and on the coat of arms itself.
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