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This topic was already answered.

Originally Posted by TheMessenger View Post
Why are you locking threads that are videos of Realms online when the spanish forum clearly stats "Latin America Users" and the English forum clearly states "Forum for english speaking users from all over the world"

Obviously this is not for just RA and Horus, it is for every user. A lot of people play both Regnum and Realms and have a lot of friends in each. Trying to pm them all in-game is hard and a waste of time when they could be in different realms and the forum is here to communicate with them.

When did NGD start getting so uptight? Please stop locking threads about Realms when they shouldn't be locked. Thank you.
Originally Posted by -Logan- View Post
Realms has it's own forum, this is NGD's official forum so they can honestly do whatever they want. It's the same game, but intentionally or not you're advertising a version other then theirs, so I don't see why they wouldn't want to close it.

And for the record you don't make demands in public threads like general discussion, that's what a PM is for.

Originally Posted by Frosk View Post
Well basically they've already answered.

This forum is meant to be a place for the users of Ra and Horus to exchange opinions, thoughts and even have fun with each other, being all of them users of Regnum Online in RA and Horus.
Every partner like GameSamba, Gamigo and Boacompra have their own fully functional forums, with their own moderators and administrators.

This is made to keep an organized environment in each one of our forums, and for now we're just asking you to respect the rest of the whole community by using the corresponding forum for your thread.

Imagine if all players from Ra and Horus start to create threads, spamming up the GameSamba forum... it wouldn't look good, don't you think?

There's no need to continue with this.
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