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Originally Posted by Pizdzius View Post
Secundo, the graphics! Your animators, designers, modellers, everyone did some awesome job there D: instant jawdrop. I don't know if facial expressions are so important, but the rest is very impressive and it makes me angry! Now I have to redesign whole comic really, incredible. Are all the art concepts going to be uploaded on the website so I can drool some more?
Also in this sphere - the meshes and animations for ships, surroundings, I can't believe all those places are going to be in the game, actually! So much variety, so much improvement! I just want to rip my heart off my chest and reincarnate in Argentina so I can beg you to give me a job at NGD (you can't believe how excited I got when I saw that cauldron. With many chimneys. Oh god the cauldron was fantastic.)
Those graphics are already in the game (The cauldron belongs to the Ignis initiation zone). It probably looks a lot better with the dynamic shadows and color correction of course, but the base models are there.

Archers are probably going to have quivers, yes.

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