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So ok, barbs do the dps, knights/conjs defend & support, hunters do death sentence & debuffs, locks do even more debuffs ... sorry 'tis true that marks honestly got nothing for dragon raids & WZ bosses (except range to 'steal' kills?) ... but you actually want them to hit like a barb at 35+ distance to compensate for this? ... that's your doable solution? ... REALLY?....
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Yes really !!! + a group's spell really !!!
I mean well geared marks already do that. (in the video Redo_Ger linked, we tried to maximize our dmg as marks)

What do you actually want as group spell? We have already a shit ton of stuns in our toolkit. Fire Arrow is in alot of situations a life saver, maybe try using it . For AoE tagging you got Firerain, which does a good amount of dmg (even with lvl 1), especially when you combine it with selfbuffs (maneuver, dead eye, [dirty fighting]) + external buffs (onslaught, otwh, hotp, bless weapon/feline dexterity), only counterplays are knight CD's atm (paladin's aid, deflecting barrier and shield wall)
Fix Valhalla pls

How to Barb

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