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Well that's what I noticed since the update on live servers :

- There's still issues with painted items. The colors of the tunics don't appear unless you re-equip the items. There's also issues in color layers, for example, my tunic is painted in blue for the 1st layer and in black for the 2nd, but only the 1st layer appears colored, the 2nd appears as unpainted.

- There's issues with the LoD system, when characters are away, they appear really messed up, with wrong items colors/skin tone and/or cracked items.
And the transition between detailed/far models is really rude and not smooth.

- Mages new emotes animations don't work when holding a staff. (except for Applaud and Dance)

- Applauding with a staff is... weird...

- Sliding the "Character Detail" option below 50% state makes the characters look really weird (much worse than the old models, is it intended ?).

- Enabling "Terrain Shadows" makes all the normal shadows stronger.

Example : Terrain shadows disabled :

Terrain shadows enabled :

Well that's all I noticed for the moment.

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