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Some errors still to appear:

Shoulder pads on Warriors and archers "flying" over shoulders, seem not to be attached to them at all.

Painting tunics does not give the effect, it should give. Using black paint on tunic of the sun or arvanna tunic appears to be olive for example.

Painted breastplates on female marxman seem not to be painted completly, at the lower back there's not paint but the original.

Femal Conju wearing scarab tunic seem not wanting to show some leg It looks like they have grey leggins under their tunic. Not one bit of skin shown.

Alasthors armor for female archers seems to have some probs too.
Alasthors leggins at female archers seem to assimilate parts of breastplate for own use.
At male chars the breastplate and the leggins are two items, completely different from each other.
At female chars the lower part of the breastplate seems to be part of the leggins colorwise.

On some chars, if you scroll out a bit, the whole head (including face) gets "painted" in haircolor.

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