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Default What do you think about new forts?

I m curious what others think about new forts. Are they improvement, what should be changed and what you like in them and what not.

I personally think that even though they look like improvement, its half baked stuff. Maybe I had high expectations from those concept arts, but I thought they ll be bigger, more space inside. I dont like that Agger and Trelle look identical, as well as Herbred and Algaros (forgot to visit Meni). While some forts had nice touch like tree and roots in wall, as well as wall patch behind Samal, I dislike ruined style of wall, floor. I didnt have chance to check forts in war, but it seems to me that wall is way too high for archers to hit anything close to wall. Also, Samal archer guards were hitting me (from fort going out) until I lost visual with them. I hope that ll be tuned down.

Don't get me wrong, new forts are nice eye candy, but I think they are not completely ready and that some part on work on them was bit rushed. I believe NGD wants to test stuff on live servers, but why can't you just invite people to test server to test out new features before pushing them to live? Experience would be much more pleasant for all on live servers.

At the end, congrats for trying to improve outdated parts of game. (clan system next, please)

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