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It's about time they changed them, even though I expected the forts to be bigger and have some new mechanics. I'm actually surprised that they were rushed, I don't know how long they've been working on them, but I'm guessing they started around the time they released the concept art. I thought that this was what NGD was working on most of the time but it seems like just an average revamp.

I don't like that secondary forts (Algaros, Trelleborg, Menirah) had their unique designs scrapped. Chilko said it was to not cause imbalance, but, I think a little imbalance is needed here. If each fort had a totally unique design, it would give each fort a different strategy for fighting, which is fun for me and gives me a reason to visit different forts. Herbred could have a pro-archer design for example, and Samal could have a pro-warrior design, I'd love that.

There are minor differences, like the extended tower in the Syrtian design, but the forts are all pretty much still the same, just different textures. Oh well, at least they'll be better then the current forts.
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