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Frosk will become famous soon enough

Realms Online has its own forum, therefore every thread related to it should be posted up there; and not here, since this is a forum especially dedicated to the Ra/Horus community.

This is made this way so we can have a lot more organization by not mixing up communities and threads related to one another.

Just for you to know, we don't do this only with Raven users (you know, to discard some sort of thought involving any other thing that could come across any user's mind), we also apply this to Gamigo (both Germany and France) and BoaCompra users.

If this is not very clear, imagine if Ra and Horus (biggest community in the Regnum Universe) users one day decide to start using foreign forums to talk about something that happened here. It would be weird and possibly a little bit annoying for those who play there, don't you think?

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