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Originally Posted by Eizaix View Post
3800 essences is an impossible task.
Even if this artefact took only 1/10 as much, 380, it would still be a rather tall order, which is why you, I & others have already said as much, asking for the same reduction of requirements in this other thread...

Originally Posted by Lebeau View Post
Yes, yes, to Obi-Val you listen. Why do you think NGD made it so hard to make? Why did it appear in xim shop only after we had all seen just how much time & effort would go into crafting one? Answer? So that most will buy it, not build it, thanking NGD & actually counting themselves lucky. Psych already bulls-eyed it & called this one dead-to-rights spot on, Elzaix...

Originally Posted by Eizaix View Post
...demanding 3800 is close to saying that ''You shouldn't even try. Buy it with ximerin or forget about it.''
...not "close to" tho, nope, it is exactly wtf it is ... dead ... spot ... on ...

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