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If you want to be a part of a dragon raid, just create it yourself, with the correct spells and allies should not be a problem

Originally Posted by GIO879 View Post
Only one weakness...
Poor Armor, Hunters have a best armor...., no speed , eat a lot of mana
any chance to escape, can't do 2000 of damages in 3 secondes like : hunter, lock, barb, Warmaster powers totaly useless, attribute's points useless too, better to have + 5 of consti than 5 of dexterity, i don't speak about a conju and knight cause they are impossible to kill with a marskmam or if you have an half of hour front of you why not !!!
So you want to have barb damage with mark range (you have a video in this topic showing a really high damage in 1 hit btw), tanking like a knight and be able to scape like a hunter? What a dream

Originally Posted by GIO879 View Post
The marskman should have range 35 like old time ..
As an old player (2007-2008) you must know that it was originaly and for a long time 30

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