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I know what you mean being able to log in any time around the clock and having a thriving server with almost constant RVR was just "horrible", It was much better after 1.0 dropped and 60-70 percent of the population left in protest and largely never came back. This game ruled the PVP/RVR genre until they gutted the combat system when 1.0 dropped, and the addition of imbalanced gear so a player was no longer required to actually have any kind of skill was the final nail in the coffin. PVP in WoW is a joke as gear is all that's required to win in pvp, not skill. Trying to emulate their system in a game with such a tiny world was truly boneheaded and did nothing further but ruin what once made this game great.

i did feel the original pvp system before invasions update, must have had really strong 1v1 balance between classes. Even after the invasions update, i could see how good 1v1 was. Locks had possible sequences to follow against barbs, and if a barbs sequence did not succeed for whatever reason, Locks had one chance to make the right decision to win or survive. ---- but i think.. in the end.. maybe NGD had to make tough decisions. The RVR war before the changes, may have been too brutal for new player s-- dying so quick to barbs, and seeing frozen battle everywhere-- maybe it was too heartbreaking for new players.

After the changes, battles are more free flowing and a bit more dynamic, and new players do not die too quick to barbs. Maybe it helps keep new players.

I would still support an old classic rules server. But i do not know if it will have as many players. Newer younger gamers may not prefer such a brutal (and fun) pvp ruleset.
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