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Originally Posted by 12aswert
Im sure for high lvl chars pvp, rvr and so is much fun and challenge( maybe you could use an instant pvp Arena in WZ too ? And a green zone around the shops to stop the covards?).

But what is if you have to lvl a lot? Me is gun (I R), an Warlock lvl 15, but sadly i have to misuse my char as an BattleMage (because burning the Monsters Mana wont help me much).

Warlocks usually fit perfect in partys and clans, i guess.
Playing in Party or PVP makes me go online (for single pve i have offline games)
It is amazing to play with others together and automatically learn new group tactics and strategies, and to see, that it works almost with everyone who is willing to have fun AND sucess.

In my opinion DiabloLoD has set high Standards in this.

So, as noob here in RO, i always started partys. And when i was playing alone pve, i lvl much better.
After a while i became unwilling to do so anymore, because it seems to be a long way to become an challenge (if i ever make it).

My question, to you, who are knowing about the secrets of this game, is as follows:

What can i do, to make partyplaying work better?

Besides: I miss any stun effect in close combat, which surly would give the game a little bit more tactical touch. What do you think?

Feel free to answer, even if you think, your information is not important, or is not exactly answering my question.

Thanks a lot
VFF rocks!!!


A tip to you as a warlock is to always party with a conjurer. Then the conjurer can buff and heal you so you don't have to rest.

Because trying to kill stuff together with a warlock is impossible because the warlock simply gets all the XP because their attacks do more damage.

And yes VFF does rock

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