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Originally Posted by Duplo View Post
The second picture comes from Morrowind (2002). This is an argonian in a Bonemold armor.

The first one looks perhaps pretty cool but taste and colors are personal (in french: "Les goûts et les couleurs..."). These shoulders looks impressive face of a 2002 game, but I wonder how you can turn your head and see anything that's not in front of you (evade chance -200 to take that in account?)...
Why thanks for appreciating the good taste of Morrowind's way

The big pauldrons are really making a comedy out of the idea of an armour. I know it's fantasy, but they look ridiculous. What I always liked in Regnum is that even if the poly amount is low and meshes are simple, the armour isn't too fancy, more useful than "badass", which looks good.
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