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* targeting other players nearly impossible now in bigger battles.

* 50% FPS drop ubuntu 64bit, nvidia gt 240m 1gb vram, dual core, 4gb ram.

- "Character Detail" to minimum solves the fps problem for me. But is that really intended?

* Female wood elf Hunter have no non-combat running animation.

* Success / Fail / Damage messages that show up over your head is completely white now, there's no colour in any of those messages.

* When you pass wz gate you spawn in the air and fall down.

* Sounding lights randomly switch from bright to dark and back. [with post processing]

* Female mages / hunter running in high heels and the movement sill look very very unnatural.

* Female mages combat animation is: §%$&$%& unacceptable.

* Archer have hugh pauldrons.

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