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Exclamation Servers vs realm +xp and +gold bonus

Attention please !!!11!!!
I made a new char for Horus, in the logging screen when i choose the realm it shown me that Ignis has +25% xp and +50% gold bonus and Alsius has +10%xp bonus.
I entered the game (as Ignis), killed few monsters got lvl 4 and still, there was no realm bonus. So i thought that whole mechanism is broken....
Then i logged on Ra and entered the screen when you can choose the realm as well as i did on Horus. The screen shown me that the Xp bonus and the Gold bonus is the same as on Horus (Ignis +25%xp +50%gold, Alsius +10%xp)
So i entered the game again but now on Ra as Ignis, killed few monsters and I had the xp bonus (whole 25% as described). I deleted my char, entered Alsius to test the xp bonus too and I had it. (those +10%xp).

Please NGD could you show us once and for all that you treat both servers equally, that you really #care and fix the xp and gold bonus? I dont know exact period of time for how long is it broken but I would say it's pretty long time.

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