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Default Error reports of the New Characters update

Hi Community,

Please post here all the problems you are having with the Character Models update. Posts related to another problems will be removed.

In every post it would be useful to post in a single line your PC setting (Operating System, Processor, RAM Memory and Video Card). Screenshots are also welcome.

REMEMBER: The resource servers are overburdened, that's why getting the new resources will take longer. Check that the blue progress bar in the top left of the screen disappears before thinking that something is broken or looks bad.

Thank you!

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After this update, I noticed a problem going on with my tunic's dye. Previous to the update is was painted in pink, but after this update it showed up as red. I asked to some ppl around me and they all replied it was red, so I assume it's not a resource downloading issue.

I've also asked other mages if their tunics had lost their dye like mine did, but theirs was fine, and kept the premium dye they had applied.

Plz note that the gloves kept its previous color, which left me to believe the problem rests only in the tunic. I couldnt even have possibly bought a Fabric Bleach because I've been hanging around with less than 100 xim for a long time ago, and in fact I didnt buy the Bleach.

The tunic is a Lord Necromancer tunic of fine fabric lvl 50.

Thank you for your time.

Edit.: Err, sorry about the big pictures, I just realised it now :/
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The clap animation is still broken, the new speeded up clap is nice but once you're done clapping you can't move because it's still waiting for the old animation to finish up.

Archer breastplates are still messed up.

Arvanna tunic for females is broken.

Light armour is broken.

EDIT: Success / Fail / Damage messages that show up over your head is completely white now, there's no colour in any of those messages.

When you enter into a fort or go out of it you spawn in the air and fall down.

Linux client 32bit shader4
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The old action animations still show up on my mage with the staff equipped, without it the new animations are played.
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no tatoo

Linux 32 bit shader4
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Running animation (at least of female half-elf archer) still looks awful. Mostly all the things from the error report thread of Amun are still present.
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I should mention that knights still have the shield "tic". It's impossible to screenshot this. Basically every knight with a shield equipped has a very noticeable twitch in the shield arm + shield when just standing still.

This wasn't the case when the new characters were first patched to Amun, it crept in during a late update and remains.

ALSO NOTE... the knight animation freezes on character selection screen, probably at the same point as the twitch.

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hmm on shader 2.0 fps are half of what they used to be in large battles cannot target frames drop to 11
amd quad core cpu 8gig ram, 750gi hd gt240 verto 512mb gddr5
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my char still shows up as red skin tone when zooming out and the shoulders decrease massively in size much more than proportions should be compared when zoomed out. Also level of character detail more zoomed out is terrible faces tend to resemble the old ones with bad makeup.
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My framerate randomly drops to 1FPS while playing (does not matter what shader version). Some times it will do it 5 min or so into playing, but it usually does it while still on the loading screen after I chose my character.

Arch Linux 64-bit
Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz
4GB DDR2 1066
GeForce 9600GT 1GB

I don't seem to have any errors in the error log pertaining to this issue, but if there is somethign you need me to post, just let me know.
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characters, errors, update

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