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Default The Marksman class's death

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How can we kill a class at this point !!! what can serve a marshman in the game. I play since 2008, from update to update the game was lost in absurd rules, new areas that are useless, if only to empty the game of his players. the marskman has died since the last update with retaliation revision, he has the weakest armor of the game, no zone spell can help the other classes in the fight, so for the dragons it is useless, too little Damage, no chance to drop something not enough damage. Nobody takes a marksman in a team !! the class attribute is strictly useless and brings no benefit. there is far too much difference with other classes that are complementary. the marksman is an isolated class that is useless to whom the warmaster powers are useless to him and to others.
I stopped playing for 5 years, I come back and I see that it is worse than before
What a shame, you had the game with a gameplay that can not be found anywhere else, you actually broke everything with strong like Eferia, Shanarid and Imperia or nobody goes, they should have a central place but they are in empty areas of players ... Such a waste
The game comes down to camping save and battles of very boring (especially for a marksman who does no damage and consomme crazy mana
Frankly put the game back as it was in 2010, turn those Zone battles for nothing.
Before we hunted, we had fun, there were players everywhere, the farming areas were full of players, now the areas have moved and everything is empty ...
the proof to keep the players you are obliged to give Ximerin and other bonuses, it's a pity
I want to find the game I knew, not the one he became ...
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