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Originally Posted by drunk_harlot View Post
I hope your voice was heard. I heard it.
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Originally Posted by Ulmanyar View Post
I stopped reading at page 7, but I'll catch up reading later. I just have to comment on this:

Originally Posted by chilko View Post
if you can shot and move from a 40mts range... and actually move faster than a class that can only attack you from 1.5 mts...

how in the world are those guys going to be able even reach you?
Of course they won't be able to reach you if they have to stop every time they have to buff or cast anything. From what I understand the "bug" with warriors casting while moving people actually liked it, and to me it seems (without a lot of testing) - this change might actually change the gameplay for warriors quite a lot and make them better suited for fights with ranged.

Think it over. Give us a few days/a week to heavily test it and see how it works.

Everybody standing still really makes the game feel quite silly and stupid - and even more: really slow!
i just want to add

Originally Posted by Ponter View Post
Si un Cazador invierte sus puntos en poderes propios de su subclase, los cuales están orientados a darle mayor velocidad, es lógico que una subclase guerrera no pueda darle alcanze corriendo en linea recta.
"If a hunter invests their points in powers of his own subclass, which are oriented in give him more speed, is logic that a warrior subclass could not reach him running in traight line"

sad thing is they went to fast with the nerf on warriors, that they made the whole class archer faster that the warriors.

i dont know whay chilko ask us for a response to "how a warrior could reach an archer"

my response to that would be give us onslaught back!

if they have ruined the warriors gameplay making them slowers, and weakers why they try to fix them ruining raged class gameplay?

im so

if you can shot from a 40mts range, and actually move faster than a class that can only attack you from 1.5 mts... how in the world are those guys going to be able even reach you? -chilko-
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As mentioned I'm not a big fan of the test server, but since these appear to be troubled times I decided to give it a go.

In short, from the point of an archer, I *REALLY* can see what you are trying to do. I think a set of subtle adjustments on the existing combat model would have been far simpler, but I can see what you were trying for.

Currently it feels cheap, and uncertain, and confusing. For this to work (I do appreciate you are still making changes) the relationship between player input, cancellation control, animations, hits contacting with the target, and the display of log data showing results, needs to be vastly improved. At the moment I feel like I'm waving my bow about in a random manner, and occasionally some numbers appear in the log telling me the monster I'm trying to fight appears to have been damaged.

I can see how this could eventually work, if it's much refined in terms of animation feed back, and there's a more solid feel of shots connecting and missing, but I think you've made life hard for yourselves, as it felt pretty solid and playable before the changes.

Unless you really think you can achieve that in the next few weeks, I'd backtrack to the previous model, make some reasonable nerfs and tweaks as many people have suggested, put all your energy into the new engine and player models, which people are genuinely positive and excited about, then when they are done everyone can put this to the back of their minds, the forum will be besieged with praise for your handwork, and we'll all sign on and be happy.

I'll sign on again when the patch is implemented to give it a fair try, I do wish you luck with your development whatever you choose to do.
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