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Old 09-19-2009, 01:11 AM   #21
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Znurre will become famous soon enoughZnurre will become famous soon enough

Other bug: when you run (hold W) and cast a skill, you will sometimes stop to cast the skill and sometimes simply stop slightly and keep running directly afterwards, cancelling the casting.
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sry i tried to log in to amun, but every time my client crahses as soon as the "checking firewall" window appears (only amun, horus is fine).
i wanted to take a look at new changes as i'm already near to quitting, but this isnt very auspicious.
well good luck with all anyway
maybe i'll check it in a few weeks again^^
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Originally Posted by Znurre View Post
Other bug: when you run (hold W) and cast a skill, you will sometimes stop to cast the skill and sometimes simply stop slightly and keep running directly afterwards, cancelling the casting.
Yes, sometimes its canceling the casting and eating mana, sometimes its stoping and casting the spell.
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First I would like to thank you on behalf of all the players of Regnum for this extensive Developer + User collaboration! The involvement that you have given us reminds me of the great days of the past CHEERS! I have followed these threads and also tested on Amun along side many users, and will finally open my mouth.

I love the entire update in progress! + 10

One issue I had

* I was unable to attack after getting into combat mode, instead my character would appear to attack after each step I took.

* during this time the skills worked fine (only basics would not work)

* my ping was about not stable at the time (could have been the issue?)
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Old 09-19-2009, 01:49 AM   #25
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Originally Posted by tharla View Post
make it so that if you had autorun active when you casted a spell, you start running again after the spell has been casted.
yes yes yes
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Old 09-19-2009, 01:50 AM   #26
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I have had the opportunity to experiment with the new combat system with my marksman and my general impression is that implementation of the system, as it currently exists, causes the game to lose the fluidity I have come to know and love. Overall there is a very static feel to the game play.

I am of the opinion that new players, archers in particular, will have a difficult time becoming accustomed to how things work. That is, it is not intuitive that the archer has to remain motionless when attacking. There have already been numerous complaints regarding the inordinate amount of time spent grinding to achieve level 50. Implementation of the new combat system is very likely to extend that time.

I do not care for the pause before attack once the opposition has been selected. This is not difficult to deal with when first attacking. However, after each movement seems to be a bit much.

I do not feel that my game play was adversely impacted by the GCD.

Some of the oddities I ran across when testing are as follows:

1. Ignean Madness cast upon me from a distance of 25m?

2. Ignean Madness cast upon me when not attacking, nor having aggro'd an Igneo.

3. Nearly half of my arrows disappeared upon returning to Horus from Amun. Even with the increased attack speed, I simply cannot believe that I went through 1,500 arrows.

I did like the new rock texturing near the Samal save, and the look of the Ignean guards in Samal.

I guess I am not that good of a marksman because it does not seem that barbarians have any difficulty killing me. I suspect that what I am saying is that I have never been witness to the class imbalance, which is often mentioned. I cannot believe that anyone would consider my hits to be overpowered, or my ability to evade an attack above and beyond their combat capabilities.

In general, I am of the opinion that this is the wrong direction to take the game. I hate feeling as if I have a negative attitude, but perhaps it is time to start thinking about retirement.
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Old 09-19-2009, 02:01 AM   #27
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The pause to attack when stopping feels a little too long to me on ranged....
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Minor Bug:
When mounting a horse out of running, you have to klick it twice.
The first klick stops you and shows the mount effect for a second but the cast does somehow cancel.
The second klick mounts you normally (as it works to mount from standing still)

This might be the same thing with spells makin you stop on klick but cast gets cancelled.

not sure why i didnt see that earlier but this bug:

Originally Posted by chilko View Post
Originally Posted by _Enio_
I just relogged to make sure i get all updates.

I still stop when i hit a spell (even when no target selected).
hehe it was a bug... its 8:20 pm you know?
Surak says it should be fixed now...
is back again.

Maybe this is also causing some of the already reported problems with spells not successfully casting as the range/facing requirement isnt met but we think it is as we stop moving..
Fix the Marksman subclass: Suggestion

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Old 09-19-2009, 02:15 AM   #29
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Well this update on phase 3 is amazing such a large improvement!

i do fine barbs are more responsive but still there not as good as they are atm.

the other thing is conj's you raised there spells mana and now when you heal someone you go into attack mode (wasting more mana) which makes it very hard stop heals and buffs from putting a conj into attack mode.


Any chance you can fix my Thorkul slaying Jaw stats wise?
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Old 09-19-2009, 03:39 AM   #30
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Well, I didn't get a chance to test the pvp aspect. When I logged in, I forgot I still had characters on RA, and it bought those over. I deleted them, and hopefully it will pick up my other two Horus characters soon.

I did do a bit of grinding on various mobs of various difficulties with my old RA Hunter. I apologize if it was mentioned before, and I know the animations are a work in progress. However, to me, it feels like the animation on drawing a bow, firing, and the target being hit is not fluid. Rather, it feels a bit unnatural to me. Like the drawing and firing is very quick, but the actual hit register is delayed too much, so it is somewhat hard to get a feel of when to move without canceling your normal attacks.

I don't think there's a problem with the speed of the attacks themselves, but I feel like the animation of drawing/firing is too fast compared to when the hit is actually registered. Like, there's too much dead space between the animation and the hit. Now, I know it takes time for the arrow to reach the target IRL, but in the game if you move after the arrow "leaves the bow" (according to the animation) and before the target is hit, the attack is canceled. However this wouldn't happen IRL. And yeah, I know it's comparing a fantasy game to an real situation, but it's a basic thing, so the comparison should hold. Anyway, this may be a problem, and the animation speed may need to bet tweaked to get a more natural feeling as to when the target will be hit, otherwise there's a lot of guesswork, "did it hit? did it not hit? did I move too soon?".

Perhaps slowing down the animation would help make the whole thing more fluid, and more natural feeling, and make it easier to know when it's okay to move again. The other side, is that the animation starts up again very quickly, almost immediately after the hit is registered, and I feel like there is not enough time between the actual hit, and a new instance of the animation beginning for the next attack. I think the speeds and timings need to be adjusted more. Either the animation slowed, or the hits/animations spaced a bit more evenly.

I'll try to get in some good PvP time once my Horus Chars get picked up by Amun. I'm liking what I'm seeing for the most part so far though.

Edit: for the record this was done with a fast shortbow at the time. I'll get some medium and slow bows and see how those feel as well when I hop on next time. Happy testing!
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balance, phase, spells, testing

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