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Thumbs up Regnum Online :(

It was 2013 That i downloaded this game for the First Time. Leveling up was a Disaster but the helpful community, the New Clan founders who were looking for recruits, The regular players just starting a new character would make up for everything. I remember times where i spent tens of minutes looking at items in the auction Market. I remember the first time i got invited to a Hunt party and the First time i captured a Fort. Everything was so perfect. It was like a whole new world for me.
Never would i imagine that there would be a day that a game like this would lose players so drastically. I tried alot of other games but nothing came close to what it felt like in this game. The Facebook Realm group, the server group. It makes me really sad to see all this come to an end.

I witnessed a lot of things here even if it was Just a game. From Marriage of two players from Clans, break ups, Friendship, Quarrels, Rage Moments, and Lots of Memes, Bans for no reasons, Everyone always complaining. Some of it was really annoying at times but honestly i miss those moments more than anything now that its all gone.

I was never going to write this and don't know if there will be much readers, the admins even read it or not but You guys have made a great game. Don't ruin it. It may be too late but there is always a solution. Take idea from players and give them what they really want. I would love to start playing again if there would be a decent number of players and i'm sure there are hundreds like me who feel the same.

If we do have players like before i would like nothing more to play again you guys but if we don't it was a pleasure knowing everyone. Was a great honor to learn things from you all. I feel like i still remember everyone that i played with and don't know if you remember me or not but Thank you for Everything

Best Regards,
Dark Void

PS : Never really was a good Writer :/
Whenever people agree with me i always feel i must be wrong
Hollow Void ~ Dark - Void

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