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Default 13th Anniversary

Today is Regnum's 13th anniversary! 🥳🎂

To celebrate it, we will open Squid Island to all levels. This will be an introduction to a place that will become very important for the future of the game, we hope you enjoy it!

Now you can start the quest! A total of 6 and you may find them on the following NPCs:
- In Alsius, provided by Ursor, Erikin, Daulia and Galmor
- In Ignis, by Saniur, Mirash, Oriah and Falamar
- In Syrtis, by Mauro, Ilens, Halma Ex and Elismon

- Added: Zeppelin to access Squid Island from the War Zone.
- Modified: Size of the Zeppelin icon in the map is now smaller.
- Modified: War Zone treasures have been greatly enhanced.
- Modified: "Worn" and "Defective" item qualities have been removed. Items with any of these qualities are now "Common".
- Fixed: Name of the reward to be chosen in certain quests was not being shown.
- Modified: Access to Squid Island to all levels.
- Added: Xymerald poisoning in Squid Island. A player can stay in the island for 1 hour until the poisoning starts to drain health until death. For each second in the island, it takes two to recover. After being for an hour in the island, you must wait 2 hours outside of it until effects are reverted and you're able to go back.
- Added: Quest objective "Fight with an enemy".
- Added: Boss in Squid Island (for now, just guarding the area).
- Added: Ability for creatures to drain health in an area.
- Added: Performance enhancements to the server.

And there's more: all purchases from today at 12 AM GMT and on have a 30% Ximerin bonus! Enjoy!

If you want to see the new clothes: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Champion...56944021301109

Enjoy! 🥳
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