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If it was cheap and controlled (not allowed to move from an underpopulated realm) then although it looks like it may solve it I don't think it will and it will still be able to be manipulated given time.

An example:
Recently there was a +10% xp bonus for Ignis on Haven because of underpopulation, during that time I have heard multiple times of players from other factions (apparently) making characters and getting them to lvl 15 or 20 and then making another and so on to inflate the population, thus ending the xp bonus (which ended recently, though i have yet to see a significant difference in population activity).
Granted I havent talked to any of these supposed population inflaters but in my experience when it comes to things like this there is no smoke without fire. So even if there weren't people doing this, I would expect it is still easily done and very hard to police.

If a realm change scroll was controlled based on faction population then doing something like that would inflate the population numbers for enough time to switch back/go to the faction you want before the inactivity kicks in.
Granted for some factions this would be near impossible as the population is so skewed, but nothing as big as a realm change scroll should be open to manipulation of any kind.

This is why I feel it wont work as an effective realm balancer, I do feel it would add a little balance as not everyone (I hope) would manipulate the system but I don't feel it would be anywhere near enough and would cause more problems than it would solve.
Thus why i think it should be extremely expensive if it is implemented making a realm change almost certainly a permanent 1 time thing for a person unless they have lots of money and are wiling to burn it on a game.
The game is designed around the fact that you are with your faction from the start, you cant change and so to go against one of the basic game features should be extremely expensive. A trial period could be ok but it would also be very open to manipulation so there would have to be a system so if you did do a trial you cant trade/sell any of your items during that trial or something, and no boss drops can be acquired to ensure fairness to people already in that realm.

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