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Default Amun open

Amun open! Testing for removal of basic spell resistances

Changelog - Version 1.28b1

- Modified: Basic resistance to spells has been removed. All spell resistance will now be absolute and only provided by spells.
- Modified: Dodge. Added Absolute Spell Resistance +2%/+4%/+6%/+8%/+10%.
- Modified: Martial Reflexes. Added Absolute Spell Resistance +3%/+6%/+9%/+11%/+15%. Critical Chance raised to +100%/+200%/+300%/+400%/+500%. Duration reduced to 30/35/40/50/70.
- Modified: Crash. Changed Spell Resistance for Absolute Spell Resistance -3%/-6%/-10%/-15%/-20%. Added Cannot be resisted.
- Modified: Challenging Roar. Spell Resistance in level 5 changed for Absolute Spell Resistance +15%.
- Modified: Challenge. Changed Spell Resistance for Absolute Spell Resistance -2%/-4%/-6%/-8%/-10%.
- Modified: Clumsiness. Removed Dexterity reduction except in level 5, which is now -25%. Added Absolute Spell Resistance -3%/-6%/-9%/-11%/-15%.
- Modified: Shifting Silhouette. Changed Evade Chance for Absolute Spell Resistance +2%/+4%/+6%/+8%/+10%. Ranged Received Damage at level 5 is now -20%.
- Modified: Sadistic Guards. Changed Spell Resistance for Absolute Spell Resistance -3%/-6%/-9%/-11%/-15%.

Note: Items giving Spell Resistance will be adjusted in the future to give other similar value modifiers. These numbers are not final, this is just to test how the game is perceived without basic resistances.

Changelog - Version 1.28b2 (English)

- Fixed: Son of the Wind. The spell now gets to 100% Absolute Spell Resistance.
- Fixed: Resistance to knock down and stun spells were still being applied.
- Modified: Old characters in Amun have been deleted in order for the current ones from live servers to be copied.

Changelog - Version 1.28b3

- Fixed: Inventory interface incorrectly repositioned when opening other interfaces such as Character or Community.
- Modified: Character details interface. All attributes and stats are now categorised and shown per category at a time.
- Added: Crowd control and damage resistances to the Character details interface.
- Added: Message in the Combat Log to both players when a one of them resists a spell's crowd control.

Changelog - Version 1.28b4

- Fixed: Translations to attributes in the Character details interface.
- Fixed: Descriptions of all attributes in the Character details interface have been reviewed and fixed in some cases.
- Added: Casting speed to Speed category in the Character details interface. Value shows how many seconds it takes to make 1 hit. This is the weapon interval. For mages and archers (ranged classes) is slightly faster.
- Modified: Arrangement of the category expand buttons in the Character details interface.
- Modified: Constitution gives 0.2% resistance to stun for each point after 70.
- Modified: Strength gives 0.2% resistance to knock down for each point after 70.

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