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Old 04-08-2010, 03:15 AM   #11
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I also have issues with FPS - not in battle its around 45 - in battle its around 8

Vista 32 bit
Duel Core 2 2.4
4GB ram
ATI x2300
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The same issues I had in Amun in terms of aesthetics still holds true:





My tunic is too dark, and my orange-painted hood now appears as olive-drab. I get the same dark results on shaders 2.0 and 3.0. I'm running a GeForce 8500 on Ubuntu Hardy Heron, driver version 195.36.15.
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Default visual bug

here is a bug from new version:

the bug appears in safe mode not in normal mode
and can someone tell me some good settings for safe mode? my actual settings make image pixeled
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Old 04-08-2010, 08:28 AM   #14
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* targeting other players nearly impossible now in bigger battles.

* 50% FPS drop ubuntu 64bit, nvidia gt 240m 1gb vram, dual core, 4gb ram.

- "Character Detail" to minimum solves the fps problem for me. But is that really intended?

* Female wood elf Hunter have no non-combat running animation.

* Success / Fail / Damage messages that show up over your head is completely white now, there's no colour in any of those messages.

* When you pass wz gate you spawn in the air and fall down.

* Sounding lights randomly switch from bright to dark and back. [with post processing]

* Female mages / hunter running in high heels and the movement sill look very very unnatural.

* Female mages combat animation is: §%$&$%& unacceptable.

* Archer have hugh pauldrons.

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Well that's what I noticed since the update on live servers :

- There's still issues with painted items. The colors of the tunics don't appear unless you re-equip the items. There's also issues in color layers, for example, my tunic is painted in blue for the 1st layer and in black for the 2nd, but only the 1st layer appears colored, the 2nd appears as unpainted.

- There's issues with the LoD system, when characters are away, they appear really messed up, with wrong items colors/skin tone and/or cracked items.
And the transition between detailed/far models is really rude and not smooth.

- Mages new emotes animations don't work when holding a staff. (except for Applaud and Dance)

- Applauding with a staff is... weird...

- Sliding the "Character Detail" option below 50% state makes the characters look really weird (much worse than the old models, is it intended ?).

- Enabling "Terrain Shadows" makes all the normal shadows stronger.

Example : Terrain shadows disabled :

Terrain shadows enabled :

Well that's all I noticed for the moment.

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs)
ATI Mobility FireGL V5700 512MB
Shaders 4.0 - Direct3D

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Some errors still to appear:

Shoulder pads on Warriors and archers "flying" over shoulders, seem not to be attached to them at all.

Painting tunics does not give the effect, it should give. Using black paint on tunic of the sun or arvanna tunic appears to be olive for example.

Painted breastplates on female marxman seem not to be painted completly, at the lower back there's not paint but the original.

Femal Conju wearing scarab tunic seem not wanting to show some leg It looks like they have grey leggins under their tunic. Not one bit of skin shown.

Alasthors armor for female archers seems to have some probs too.
Alasthors leggins at female archers seem to assimilate parts of breastplate for own use.
At male chars the breastplate and the leggins are two items, completely different from each other.
At female chars the lower part of the breastplate seems to be part of the leggins colorwise.

On some chars, if you scroll out a bit, the whole head (including face) gets "painted" in haircolor.

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Old 04-08-2010, 10:06 AM   #17
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Default My knight is Ughh :/

I Can list a lot of issues with my knight here, but ill do the major ones first,
1- For some odd reason his shield keeps Twitching (iv seen this on a few knights)
2- My knight runs more worse than a Dark Elf knight for some odd reason.
3- Hes got a Big Body and Tiny Legs.

Pics -



In my Opinion i like my old knight better now hes just ughh :/
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This guy has a black beard totally wrong for his hair colour imo ;p (he's at trelle btw)

OS: Vista Home Premium SP2 x64, CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T5550, RAM: 4GB, GFX: GeForce 8400M GS 64MB, DirectX, Shader Model 2.0, High Settings.
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I posted this elsewhere before I saw this thread, so deleted that post and moved it here.

Ok, so I signed in yesterday after the update and found a few things:

First, my screenshot button doesn't seem to be saving everything.... I pressed it a lot of times yesterday, and only 3 of them actually saved, so I've got less to back up what I was going to talk about...

Also, myself and some others were finding it really hard to target other players. I don't know what caused it, or if it's related to the positional bug or what, but it was very frustrating to have 7 iggies shooting at me while I try to target one of them and don't manage to click on them, ending up dying for no real reason. So after that, I logged my conjurer, because at least I can help there through auras, but I still struggled to click people even just for heals and mana...

Also, a lot of people are dying in the positions they were killed in. I tried to take about 5 screenies of this, but only 2 of them came out...

I know they were dying stood up before, but this is just mad...

There are quite a few graphical issues... one person I was talking to relogged well over ten times in 2-3 hours because at first he said he was a "walking hat and staff", and then about 5-6 relogs later "I look like I'm wrapped in tin foil". Another saw his tunic explode at the back when he sat on a horse. The one I was having was that when you zoomed out away from stuff, it changed colour, so my usually black with a little red gloves turned completely red, white lord conjurer tunics of other players turned pink, my green paint on my lord conjurer tunic turned grey.... but when I zoomed back in, or got close enough to the other players, it looked alright again, which is weird.

On that note, the character detail slider also.... isn't brilliant. When you get to the minimum setting, everyone's face crumples, and doesn't look like a face any more. Every other setting apart from full, everyone else's face does this.

When mages die, you can see straight up their tunics without really having to look..... hmmm....

Also, I ride my horse asleep

but that's funny as much as anything else

There was probably something else but I didn't write it down, so oh well, I might be back a little later with more to say.

My computer settings? Uhhhhhhhh.....
I'm running XP, have 2GB of RAM.... from what I can tell, 2GHz processor, and my video card's an ATI Radeon HD 2400 or something... but I'm not a technical enough person to know for sure...
That's what clicking "properties" on various bits tells me though...
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Old 04-08-2010, 11:22 AM   #20
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I noticed some problems :

-A lot less fps than before (18 fps in battle).
-Its a lot harder to select players.
-Almost all the armors looks very dark.
-damages or mana or health count, over the character's head, are all white (should be red, green or blue).

Ubuntu 9.04, phenom 2 x4 965, 8Go ram, radeon hd3300
Server Horus, realm Ignis
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characters, errors, update

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