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Default Videos & configs for PVP per class recommendations.

I'm pretty familiar with playing Warlock - and know of players like Gestern who have provided some useful videos to improve tactics.

I also have one of each of the other classes at level 50 now too.
I'm reasonably comfortable with the Knight too, but still struggling to compete with the others. Any advice on good videos or setups?
I prefer to see recent videos - where log of spells are recorded too - preferably in English and of reasonable quality so you can decipher text of log:
1) Warlock - Gestern videos : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFUZvwcqHVI (text is logged - but in Spanish or Portugese - can decipher by running game temporarily with different internationalization in effect)
2) Conjuror
3) Marksman
4) Hunter
5) Barbarian
6) Knight
If people can post setups for level 50 and discuss per class that would be cool. The clan inquisition trainer seems to have been really hosed by the new hosting site, so can people post configs using this trainer instead.
I also saw someone ask who is best player post the other day too - so would be good to see who people think are good players to learn from. I play on RA and the battles are really intense there - so I prefer to see RA player names.

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Nice idea but why lvl 50?

If level 60 is too high, at least make it 55, 55 & 56 are known as nice hunting levels for various nice setups (Warlock and Marksman that is)
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I say this because for me it's when PVP becomes compulsory - for WM daily quests.
I actually find I do reasonably well with the Marksman now - it's only high level fellow marksmen that concern me one on one - or a barb that has spring/unstoppable already active before I can confuse him. I guess to some extent the videos can be level 60 - but a notion of what would be good config at 50 is really what I am after - what is most imperative. I guess it's probably a question of whether you play with lots of defensives spells or are an all out attacker, or somewhere in between. Level 50 is a bit of a conundrum I know too - because you have so few spell points to work with compared to 60 - so I also think it's a good indicator as to what spells are considered vital - then what you would add later is icing on the cake..
Because I play on a Mac I really struggle one on one with some fellow barbs - the mouse only zooms in and out or pans the camera - I can't work out how to point and move character the way some of the Unix guys appear to be able to. So I am stuck with keyboard control.
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Cant provide a video but i can make a suggested build for lvl50 that i used at that lvl.

lvl 50 support knight:
Support setup

This build gives you the tools you need to support your fellow pals. Yes it has
no dmg skills at all, and no passive (except knock resist). The intimidate skill
can be replaced for something to your liking but keep in mind that 1 shot of
this often gives you 1rp that helps with your daily quest (and lets face it, you
need a ranged skill since most enemies are dead when you reach em after the
barbs). Some ppl might find this setup boring to play but i like to be support
and my current build at lvl60 is mostly an upgrade on this with some
Beardo-Knight / Fautor-Conju / Fury-Warlock
Brutus-Barbar / Furon-Hunter / The Dude-Marks
Alsius [Haven]
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good ra players, level 50, per class, pvp, videos

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