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Old 04-14-2009, 09:39 PM   #1
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Default Nicknames for enemies

Hi all,
I think all realms/clans have some pretty weird nicknames for their favorite enemies so why not share them here? I'm from Horus/Alsius and these are my favorites:

Panoramix&Rulez = gay couple
Braveheart = chickenlegs

hmm, can't think of any iggie right now but I'm sure we have names for them too

and pls do not consider this thread offensive, being given a nickname by your enemies shows you're honoured by them as fierceful fighter (or a runner)
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Old 04-14-2009, 10:10 PM   #2
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tania spawncamper?

just kidding lol


i cant think of anyone at the moment.

i know what id be called tho..rep shot whore

or that stupid knight who rushes and looks back and syrtis is running the other way..im so screwed.

i think if i could name 2 people i think are lame..

id say amiens and dominicus dragon, both are known killers of afk and mules with no shame, whats the challenge..i mean i dont need rp that much that killing a mule or someone afk by spamming ripost a few times makes me feel bad ass..and this guy is a marathon runner, he runs from single hunters even..its sad. i mean a barb running from a hunter..something very wrong with that sentence.

and amiens i hate well because he seems pretty smart, has gotten lucky on me once and tricked me another time, so hes rather annoying, but pt and dies easy cuz of his level/or to another hunter who knows his biz. so he often is seen running away in low profile and running like a girl till he can camo, or dead and teabagged.

i usually refer to both as running b*tches is all, not very creative but oh well..
and yeah dont take this serious..its only a game..i dont really hate any of ya guys..

another one..

ramsezz since he has cooties..who hasnt that guy kissed.
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Old 04-14-2009, 10:41 PM   #3
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kianoni actually braveheart and i have some nicknames for iggies... but nothing for u, we will menage to find something appropriate for u :P

mmm as regards ignis:

bloodman: bloodnoob
slava: the bitch
efrendi: the runner, or crappy leader of ignis
permatrip: spermatrip
chuchulain: chupalain <u cant understand this cose is something that we have in italian... chupa is associated to "suck my dick"
dark barbarian: dark boobarian, dark noob.

and usually when we kill the same target many times... and the same target keep coming back to be killed... we call em: la nostra amica, il nostro amico (our friend)
Italiani di Syrtis
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Old 04-14-2009, 11:22 PM   #4
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dark barb=dork barb
rhanya=witch (mon rank)
kaliek=guy with orange ufo thingy
plunder=plunger (that one's from irc)

err... was loads of more nicks but i'm getting older and more senile with every day...

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Old 04-14-2009, 11:25 PM   #5
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-SoL- is an unknown quantity at this point

Bloodman = Marathon Runner
Plunder = Plunger
Diedra = The Bitch
Dark Barbarian = Dork Boobarian/Efrendi Wannabe ^^
The Sweetness = Dumbass :P
Flaybasta = Cs Dancing Noob
Slayer Of Light = Dumbass Area Whore
Slayer Of Light 50(Barbarian)
R.I.P Slayer Of Light
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Old 04-15-2009, 06:47 AM   #6
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Meh, your's aren't funny, they are plain out offensive :P

Blondman ( )
Tauron the Moron
and classic: Ridiculous Raceaway

Of course I don't really MEAN these nicknames (Besides Failheart... running away from everything, seriously)
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Old 04-15-2009, 08:15 AM   #7
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A picture is worth a thousand nicknames...

I think we all know who this is
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Old 04-15-2009, 01:53 PM   #8
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Eh, i dont come up with too many nicks...

Inkstink and Runner Rageway is about it...
Also Hammer-time is code for "OH F@#% its Znurre", which is often followed with pounding of my face.

Thats it i think
Dark Venom Fang
Spider Warlock
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Old 04-15-2009, 03:18 PM   #9
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Nothing really funny here:

Eli & Inkster = Elinkster
Compoundious & Wudy = Laurel & Hardy
Gpomal & Dark Feanoir = Starsky & Hutch
« Thanks all, you are right I'm great with the barbarian ... for killing mobs. » -- Athena Stillwater
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Old 04-15-2009, 04:12 PM   #10
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Znurre will become famous soon enoughZnurre will become famous soon enough

Vincent Vega = VV
Settantaddù (The clan) = The italians
Net el brujo = Net

And some other shortcuts, based on the 3-4 first letters in the name

Alva, Fea, Gpo, Adda, etc.

What is important is not how funny the names are, but that they are easy to recognize and fast to use in war.
Winning a fight is not what makes you a good player, it's how you do it.
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